MmWave communication

MmWave Communications

Wireless broadband systems operating in the millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum are thought to be a prime candidate to provide the system throughput enhancements needed for fifth generation (5G) wireless networks. The wide bandwidths available at mmWave frequencies can be an attractive alternative to the sub-6GHz frequencies employed in most of today's cellular networks. The small wavelengths of mmWave frequencies enable a large number of antennas to be implemented in a small form factor, which makes it possible to generate pencil-beams to mitigate pathloss and reduce inter-user interference.


MmWave systems having a large number of antennas, however, may not be able to use fully digital beamforming techniques requiring one radio frequency (RF) chain per antenna due to the high cost and power consumption. Therefore, hybrid beamforming techniques using a few RF chains wired to sets of phase shifters have been of much interest in both academia and industry. 


The following topics are my main research interest in mmWave communication systems.


- Hybrid beamforming-comparable limited feedback designs [1-2]

- MmWave channel estimation techniques [3-6]


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