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[EECE 576] Homework

Here is the Homework.

(Click for download)

HW1: Due by 3:30pm on 3/14.

HW1 solution

HW2: Due by 3:30pm on 4/4.

HW2 solution

HW3: Due by 3:30pm on 4/18.

HW4: Due by 3:30pm on 5/2.

HW5: Due by 3:30pm on 5/21.


※ MATLAB H/W Policy

(1) You can discuss problems with your friends. If you cannot solve some problems, you can even refer to your friends' solutions. In this case, however, you should explicitly make a note on your homework solution (or your MATLAB codes) that you get help from whom, and the maximum points you can get from the problem are 70% of the total points. There will be no penalty to the students who helped. Please be honest to yourself. In fact, the homework scores won't matter much to your final grades :-)

(2) In general, I will not accept any late submission.

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