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As driving becomes more automated, vehicles are being equipped with more sensors generating even higher data rates. Radars (RAdio Detection and Ranging) are used for object detection, visual cameras as virtual mirrors, and LIDARs (LIght Detection and Ranging) for generating high resolution depth associated range maps, all to enhance the safety and efficiency of driving. Connected vehicles can use wireless communication to exchange sensor data, allowing them to enlarge their sensing range and improve automated driving functions.


Unfortunately, conventional technologies, such as dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) and 4G cellular communication, do not support the gigabit-per-second data rates that would be required for raw sensor data exchange between vehicles. This motivates the use of mmWave spectrum for fully connected vehicles. The use of mmWave provides access to high bandwidth communication channels, leading to the potential for gigabit-per-second data rates and realizing raw sensor data exchange among vehicles and infrastructure. It also provides an opportunity to implement joint radar and communication system without any other sensors.

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