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Channel data structrue

main_code.mlx  (Setting simulation parameters)


BS: base station

IRS: intelligent reflecting surface

UE: user equipment

VEH: vehicle

Tx: transmitter

Rx: receiver

RT: ray tracing

PG: propagation graph

OFDM: orthogonal frequency division multiplexing

Channel in time domain: CH(idx_ch).BS(idx_bs).time(idx_t1,idx_t2).ant(idx_bs_ant_hor,idx_bs_ant_ver,idx_ue_ant_hor,idx_ue_ant_ver).pol(idx_pol).time(idx_snapshot,idx_tap)

Channel in OFDM domain:


simulset.num_samp sample sets are saved in idx_t1, and simulset.num_blck are saved in idx_t2. (simulset.num_cycprf+simulset.num_subcar) channel snapshots are saved in idx_sanpshot for the channel in time domain. Each channel snapshot has its own channel taps that are saved in idx_tap. The channel in time domain is converted to the channel in OFDM domain as below.

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